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Tuesday 7 January 2014

Destination St. Lucia! (Part 3)

Destination St. Lucia! (Part 3)

Sugar Beach

The comment on the drive down to Sugar beach (located on the Southern end of the Island - around 30 - 40 minutes from the airport) was that Sugar Beach “will probably knock everything else out of the ball park” with how good it was going to be. Whilst I still loved Kalabash Cove the most, it was a bit like putting the best middle weight boxer in with the best heavyweight boxer - both excellent at what they do but you know who’d win!!! You realise why Hollywood A listers come and take over Sugar Beach – its that good. So much style, a spa to die for, the best dining on the Island and best of all – swimming in the shadow of the Pitons – beautiful.

We did a site visit and lunch and were afforded a day room as well. So many good points about the hotel. Idyllic woodland/treehouse location for the Spa – looked beautiful. Many watersports amenities plus options for Tennis etc. A beautifully designed classic bar – all white!!! - with an amazing selection of rums. Fantastic kids club – we spoke to kids, they were happy!! A large pool area and wonderful beachfront restaurant whose menu was amazing. Rooms to die for as well.
We were able to use a Luxury Cottage to change in – beautifully decorated as were all the rooms. No expense seemed to have been spared anywhere. Whilst the residences where amazing, I particularly liked the Beachfront Bungalows but there were no bad rooms at this hotel. Do have I client I deal with now who I know will want to stay here – lots!!! Just hope they can afford it!
Final plus point was the General Manager, Marcus, excellent host – knew every centimetre of that hotel! Would suit all types of guests…


We didn’t do any excursions on the trip but a number were available to the Pitons on the Southern part of the Island. Guests staying in the Gros Islet area could visit Castries or the Rodney Bay area which offered shopping and dining options. Comparing it to Antigua, there did seem more infrastructure and more to do in St Lucia than Antigua

Selling the Destination

Confident I can sell the destination to many clients. As mentioned above it offers in my opinion, more diversity than Antigua. We saw a very diverse range of properties which would suit all markets and ages groups. The key selling points are the beaches, the St Lucian hospitality (great people) and fantastically high standard of hotels.

Jump Up

Can’t leave St Lucia without mentioning the Jump Up. A massive Friday night street party with live music and entertainment which happens in the heart of Gros Islet. You weren’t sure if you were going to be intruding on something that is really for the local population only. Driving through you did see a few tourists and provided you don’t wear ostentatious jewellery or draw too much attention to yourself in general, you’ll have a wonderful time. We thoroughly enjoyed the whole atmosphere and mingled with locals without issue. I would recommend any client who has the chance to go and experience it!  

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